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Auditable Accounting

Global Service Subsystem description

The main purpose of this service is to record data hashes on the i3-Market Blockchain to enhance the integrity of the actions and facilitate the audit processes.

Use cases

Record a new registry

Set a new registry

First, you need to add the hash value of the data to be recorded on the body of the following endpoint:

POST /registries

body: {"dataHash": string}

As a result, we see the status of the registry and the associated id.

response: {"id": number,"dataHash": string, "readyForRegistration": boolean}

Check a registry

Now, we can check the status of a previous recorded hash from an ID

GET /registries/$id

response: {"id": number,"dateOfReception": number, "dataHash": string, "merkleRoot": number, "merkleProof": Array[{"hash": string, "concatenateHashTo": string}], "readyForRegistration": boolean}

Update registries

This proccedures are automated with an internal cron call. But, it is possible to do manual calls as following...

Compute pending registries

This procedure is to manually compute the current registries and prepare a new transaction with the pending records.

POST /calculateMerkleRoot

```response: {"blockchainNetwork": string, "smartContractAddress": string, response": {"status": number, "message": string, "MerkleRoot": string, "txHash": string}}

Send transaction to blockchain

This procedure is to manually send the built transactions to the blockchain.

POST /updateRegistries

response: {"blockchainNetwork": string, "smartContractAddress": string, "response": {"status": number, "message": string, "newTxSentToBlockchain": Array

see all available endpoints

Last update: 2022-06-16
Created: 2022-04-06
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