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The Backplane API is the set of endpoints exposed by the Gateway. It comprises all the publicly available endpoints of the subsystems integrated with the Backplane, as well as a few other endpoints, belonging to the Backplane itself, used in authentication/authorization flows.

The API follows the OpenApi Specification 3.0, and the endpoints corresponding to each subsystem are generated automatically based on the subsystem’s own OpenApi Specification, using the Service Integrator Engine described in the integration section.

Run a local instance

A docker image of the backplane with all subsystems already integrated is provided for local testing. Note this image is updated every time an OAS file is modified or created. Please refer to OAS Subsystem repository

docker login
docker run --pull

Run a customized local instance

For testing purposes, it can be interesting to build a customized backplane image, changing some environment variables or integrate a given OAS. In this case, you can clone the backplane repository and refer to the README, where you will find all the information regarding the parameters that can be modified.

git clone
cd backplane
docker-compose build backplane
docker-compose up backplane

Last update: 2022-04-06
Created: 2022-04-06
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