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SDK reference implementation that includes common services.

WEB REOURCE: com.i3market.sdk.ri.resource.SdkRiHub


Clone the repository, and download the dependencies:

```shell script

## Keycloak Setup
default config file is palced in /src/main/wabapp/WEB-INF/keycloak.json

  "realm": "i3market",
  "auth-server-url": "http://X.X.X.X",
  "ssl-required": "none",
  "resource": "SDK-RI_Client",
  "credentials": {
    "secret": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX"
  "use-resource-role-mappings": true,
  "confidential-port": 0

To provide your keycloak setup you should updated providing a realm, auth-server-url, resource and credentials.

## Running the SDK-RI with docker

You can use docker to run the SDK-RI.  
To do so, follow the same setup instructions as above.

Then, just build and run using:

docker build --no-cache -t i3m/i3market-sdk-ri:latest .
docker push i3m/i3market-sdk-ri:latest
docker run --name sdk-ri -p 8181:8080 i3m/i3market-sdk-ri

SDK-RI container is built over a jetty image and deploy the SdkREfIMpl war file into jetty.

Finally just go to http:/$deploy_host/SdkRefImpl for accesing to SDK-RI REST API.

Contributing to the SDK-RI project

  • The developer includes the service (as a get method) in the SdkRiHUB. i.e:
    @ApiOperation(value = "")
    @ApiResponses(value={@ApiResponse(code = 401, message = "Unauthorized")}) 
    @Produces({ "application/json", "application/xml" })
    public void requestDataItemPurchase() throws Exception {
  • The developer includes the logic behind the service in classes (each per service) in the corresponding module

Configuring and using SDK-RI

  • The marketplace will have all the common services exposed in a sdk-ri/ endpoint
  • Each marketplace-end user, which pursues making use of the SDK-RI, should configure the SDK-RI by means of:
  • Pointing to the Backplane endpoint(s) hosted in a concrete i3-Market node (i.e: Backplane API node1, OpenID Connect Provider API node1, Verifying Credential service API node1)
  • pointing to the Wallet endpoint hosted locally.
  • This configuration should be defined in the SDK-RI properties file placed at "src/resources/"

  • An example of setup could be the following:

    • backplane.url = xxxx
    • oidc.url = xxxx
    • verifiable_credentials.url = xxxxx

Contact us if you have any issue with the SDK-RI

Ivan Martinez: or Nines :

Last update: 2023-03-28
Created: 2022-04-06
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